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This is just a list of things particular to Ri's world for my own reference, since he usually talks about things nobody else knows about.

More will be added as things come up.


-- Empire Souls (and the much anticipated sequel, Empire Souls II): Their version of the Kingdom Hearts games. Ri, Sora, and Riku have played it.
----> Ri does not make any connection between what happens in the game and what has happened in real life (he thinks the game is much cooler).
----> The main character of Empire Souls is Skyy. He wields the Soulsword against Soulless to help free the Duchesses of Souls.
----> Emperor Fuzzbutt is rumored to be appearing in the Empire Souls II game.

-- Burger Czar: A popular fast food restaurant.
----> Ri frequently goes to order the Kiddie Commie Meal for the toy prize inside.
----> Various burgers include the Trotsky (double meat, double cheese, and bacon; Ri's favorite), the Ivan III and Ivan IV (the difference is cheese).
----> Burger Czar also serves Leninade, a popular lemon-citrus type soda.

-- Fuzzbutt (you knew it was coming): Fuzzbutt is a popular children's cartoon character, and is widely featured on character merchandise, most notably limited stuffed animals (like Beanie Babies).
----> Ri is an avid collector, and subscribes to Fuzzbutt Fanciers Monthly.
----> Fuzzbutt happens to be a bunny. He also has other various animal friends.
----> Fluffytail is Fuzzbutt's girlfriend.

-- Oprah: Exists.

-- My Little Behemoth: a popular toy line marketed towards girls.
----> Ri has some of them for collector's purposes, but thinks they're too cute and girly.
----> Kairi is a great fan of them.

-- Starbuck's: Exists!

----> Has at least 2 institutes of higher learning on the main (read: biggest) island, Destiny Islands College, and Destiny University. One is known as a "party school."
----> Has very little in the way of vehicles or traffic, to preserve the environment. Mostly only trucks needed for deliveries or construction. Very few people have a "family car", though the Mayor has one because he's the Mayor.
----> Most people walk/bike/use small boats for travel. There's also a very good public transportation system that uses buses.
----> Planes are being slowly introduced to help encourage travel to farther islands in the world.
----> Has a thriving travel industry, and a number of luxury hotels/resorts on the prime beaches.


----> Riku's parents are both alive, and took Ri in.
----> Riku's father is an accountant. He is also rather prejudiced and homophobic, so Riku and Ri both had their preferences from him.
----> Riku's mother also works. She is somewhat more open-minded. She likes to torment her son(s) by forcing him/them to go lingerie shopping with her. She makes a terrible casserole, but everyone says it's good, so she makes it frequently.
----> Sora's mother is alive. Sora's father is Out Of The Picture.
----> Sora's mom is quite accepting, and probably knew Sora was gay before he did.
----> Ri pretended to be Riku's cousin from a different island to explain his enrollment at Destiny High.
----> Sora's mom is a pediatric nurse.
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Date/Time: 2010-03-31 02:36 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Uhm... Sora's mom is a pediatric nurse.

And no, I enjoyed reading through it. Sora is ready to be not!Roxas again.
Date/Time: 2010-03-31 05:58 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Okay I'll add that. ^^

And Ri is ready to have his Sora back.


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