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Name: Riku Replica -- going by the adopted name of 'Ri Mori'

Age: Eighteen (18)

Location: Destiny Islands

Timeline Information:

Roughly a year after the Replica's death during Chain of Memories, and after the events in Kingdom Hearts II, the Replica 'awoke' in the basement of Castle Oblivion. Apparently Riku's last words to the Replica were more of a premonition, leading to the Replica's resurrection. After a few months of traveling the worlds through the Corridors of Darkness, and giving Riku a bad reputation in them as a thief, the Replica found himself on Destiny Islands, being driven there to confront Riku once again.


Ri has no real family, since he is just a failed Replica made by Vexen in Castle Oblivion. However, on Destiny Islands, he's posing as Riku's cousin from a different island. He was surprised to be taken in by Riku's parents somewhat easily. Riku's father is an accountant, and rather prejudiced and set in his ways. Riku's mother is a businesswoman, and more open, but will not take a stand against her husband on certain personal matters.


Riku Mori: Who the Replica was supposed to be. Ri and Riku are physically and genetically identical, making them almost like twins. However, Ri's personality is more aggressive and abrasive when compared to Riku's. Ri is always struggling to prove himself better than Riku at everything. After first arriving on the Islands, Ri repeatedly tried to kill Riku, and was repeatedly beaten by the now-proper keyblader wielder. Only intervention from Namine and Kairi has stopped Ri from being homicidal towards Riku. Now Ri believes that beating Riku at life will prove he's the best. Stragely enough, he will be the first to defend Riku from attacks from others. Riku is his to beat, and Ri won't let anyone else do it first. He was rather surprised when Riku broke up with Sora, because Ri has Riku's Memories and knows where his emotions truly lie. Plus, everyone knows Riku is gay for the King.

Kairi: Ri has a soft spot for the Princess of Heart, because of her connection to Namine. He treats her very kindly and politely, but doesn't hesitate to snark about Riku and point out his flaws since Kairi and Riku are dating. He lets her play with his long hair, since Riku cut his short.

Namine: Ri's girlfriend. Ri is extremely devoted to Namine and her protection, to the point of being obsessive. The Memories she re-wrote over his Heart are very strong, and even though he knows the Memories are Fake, he doesn't much care. He's made a promise and intends to keep it this time around. Ri has vague notions that something isn't quite right in their relationship, but he has no real point of reference to compare. As long as Namine wants him by her side, he is glad to do anything and everything she wants.

Sora Hikari: Ri happens to have a soft spot for Sora, stemming from their interactions in Castle Oblivion. Sora was the first person to really look at Ri as his own person and not just a Replica. For that, Ri is grateful. He respects Sora's strength and fighting ability, and is indebted to him for protecting Namine after he died. He's confused and surprised about Riku's breakup with Sora, because he knows Riku actually does love Sora.


Ri is physically identical to Riku, so currently stands at 5'11", and is solidly built with well-muscled arms from swordfighting and his part-time job doing construction work. His eyes are slightly more on the side of acid green than Riku's sea green. Ri also keeps his hair long, just below his shoulders, and normally tied in a ponytail thanks to Kairi. He still favors the same clothing style as Riku, loving the colors yellow and blue, and very rarely wearing sleeves.


Ri is, indeed, a Replica of Riku and continues to remain one. He embraces his Darkness and wields it quite effectively. A blitz-fighter, he prefers to attack first and ask questions later. But while Ri is physically identical to Riku, his Heart is still Fake. He often has troubles with emotions and general interactions because of this. He only has Riku's Memories and experiences to make judgments on what to say or do.
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This is just a list of things particular to Ri's world for my own reference, since he usually talks about things nobody else knows about.

More will be added as things come up.


-- Empire Souls (and the much anticipated sequel, Empire Souls II): Their version of the Kingdom Hearts games. Ri, Sora, and Riku have played it.
----> Ri does not make any connection between what happens in the game and what has happened in real life (he thinks the game is much cooler).
----> The main character of Empire Souls is Skyy. He wields the Soulsword against Soulless to help free the Duchesses of Souls.
----> Emperor Fuzzbutt is rumored to be appearing in the Empire Souls II game.

-- Burger Czar: A popular fast food restaurant.
----> Ri frequently goes to order the Kiddie Commie Meal for the toy prize inside.
----> Various burgers include the Trotsky (double meat, double cheese, and bacon; Ri's favorite), the Ivan III and Ivan IV (the difference is cheese).
----> Burger Czar also serves Leninade, a popular lemon-citrus type soda.

-- Fuzzbutt (you knew it was coming): Fuzzbutt is a popular children's cartoon character, and is widely featured on character merchandise, most notably limited stuffed animals (like Beanie Babies).
----> Ri is an avid collector, and subscribes to Fuzzbutt Fanciers Monthly.
----> Fuzzbutt happens to be a bunny. He also has other various animal friends.
----> Fluffytail is Fuzzbutt's girlfriend.

-- Oprah: Exists.

-- My Little Behemoth: a popular toy line marketed towards girls.
----> Ri has some of them for collector's purposes, but thinks they're too cute and girly.
----> Kairi is a great fan of them.

-- Starbuck's: Exists!

----> Has at least 2 institutes of higher learning on the main (read: biggest) island, Destiny Islands College, and Destiny University. One is known as a "party school."
----> Has very little in the way of vehicles or traffic, to preserve the environment. Mostly only trucks needed for deliveries or construction. Very few people have a "family car", though the Mayor has one because he's the Mayor.
----> Most people walk/bike/use small boats for travel. There's also a very good public transportation system that uses buses.
----> Planes are being slowly introduced to help encourage travel to farther islands in the world.
----> Has a thriving travel industry, and a number of luxury hotels/resorts on the prime beaches.


----> Riku's parents are both alive, and took Ri in.
----> Riku's father is an accountant. He is also rather prejudiced and homophobic, so Riku and Ri both had their preferences from him.
----> Riku's mother also works. She is somewhat more open-minded. She likes to torment her son(s) by forcing him/them to go lingerie shopping with her. She makes a terrible casserole, but everyone says it's good, so she makes it frequently.
----> Sora's mother is alive. Sora's father is Out Of The Picture.
----> Sora's mom is quite accepting, and probably knew Sora was gay before he did.
----> Ri pretended to be Riku's cousin from a different island to explain his enrollment at Destiny High.
----> Sora's mom is a pediatric nurse.
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Mostly a reference for myself, so I can keep Ri's personal timeline consistent, as he differs from canon in a few ways.

A replica is a replica is a replica... )
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3 Doors Down -- 'When I'm Gone'

There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Or maybe I'm just blind...

Or maybe I'm just blind...

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

When your education X-Ray
Cannot see under my skin
I won't tell you a damn thing
That I could not tell my friends
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive but I'm alone
Part of me is fighting this
But part of me is gone


Or maybe I'm just blind...


Love me when I'm gone...

Love me when I'm gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
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-- Repliku likes Sora. Part of it is because of Riku's residual memories, but Repliku also likes Sora because Sora was kind to him.
-- His Real Thing's pants are really comfortable. Even if they're horribly baggy.
-- Repliku thinks he might love Namine, but he thinks that might not Be Real because his Memories are so fucked up.
-- If Axel had offered him a different "meal" in Castle Oblivion, Repliku would never have eaten Vexen. Killed him horribly, yes. But he doesn't want anymore of Vexen as a part of him than strictly necessary.
-- Repliku won't admit that he likes this song (even if the 'feeling' and 'caring', for him, doesn't mean the romantic type).

And you make me talk
And you make me feel
And you make me show
What I'm trying to conceal
If I trust in you, would you let me down?
Would you laugh at me, if I said I care for you?
Could you feel the same way too?
I wanna know...

The name of the game )

-- Repliku is a complete and total bastard to everyone (unless you're Namine or sometimes Sora); he doesn't think he's being particularly mean, but he totally is. He only stops being a bastard if you manage to throw him off-balance, or he likes you (but even if he likes you, he'll probably still act like a prick most of the time).
-- Repliku has actually been 'living' in the remains of Castle Oblivion, but it's been so changed and warped by what happened there that its changed a bit. Repliku will never ever admit that he's been sleeping in Namine's white room (the one with the bird cage and creepy plush doll).
-- He is terribly, horribly jealous of Riku. But he doesn't recognize it. He thinks it's normal.
-- He would totally be Namine's puppy and follow her around and 'protect' her. Repliku is... almost dangerously obsessive about her.
-- The soda from the soda machines in Castle Oblivion is A+++. He wishes he could have had some of the fried chicken. That looked delicious.
-- Larxene topped him. Hard.
-- This is the song that Repliku connects to Namine. Uhh... he means most of it as a compliment. Really.

When they finally come what will you do to them?
Gonna decimate like you did to me?
Will you leave them stunned and stuttering?

Invincible oh oh oh... )

-- Repliku respects Axel; at least, he respects Axel for being a completely two-faced, backstabbing, self-serving sonovabitch.
-- Repliku also hates Axel because Axel almost killed Namine (even if he helped to free her and help Sora).
-- Roxas is A+++ when he's being bitchy. Which is strange, because he sorta prefers Sora to be innocent and naive.
-- He really does think Leon is sexy for an old guy. Anyone who wears that much leather and those many belts has to be cool.
-- Repliku is not above being petty and cruel when the mood suits him.
-- Because he has no 'purpose' now (his 'purpose' in Castle Oblivion was to protect Namine, fight Sora, and fight Riku), Repliku is deeply afraid of being abandoned or thrown to the side like a useless toy.
-- Repliku likes to think that he's almost exactly the same as a normal Real Person (despite being Artifical), but he's actually not sure how well Vexen did that. Sometimes he thinks he might just suddenly fall apart someday, so he prefers to live fast and hard; he's almost hedonistic in that way, trying to live as much as he can before the end.
-- He likes sweets and candies. And he frequently steals snacks from Riku's room. Clothes, too, if he thinks they won't be missed.
-- While everyone is out of the house (Riku at school, and his parents at work), Repliku sometimes sneaks into the house to wander around and sort out his Memories. It makes him nostalgic, but also angry, since they're not really his Memories. He also does the chores that Riku doesn't.
-- Repliku uses portals on a regular basis, and often 'leaves' the Destiny Islands to go to Traverse Town, or Twilight Town, or various worlds with other people. He hunts down Heartless for stress relief, and to make quick munny, get potions, etc.
-- Riku is going to have a terrible reputation on a number of other worlds, because Repliku is not above stealing. He hasn't actually threatened anyone face-to-face, but he does pick pockets, and has sticky fingers.
-- He wonders, sometimes, if there's anyone out there who would really miss him if he was gone. He doesn't think there is.
-- While Repliku is pretty iffy about letting other people see his 'softer side', he does have one. He doesn't let himself become vulnerable for just anyone.
-- On the other hand, despite trying to seem as badass as possible, Repliku really doesn't care who knows about how obsessive he is about Namine. He'll probably tell you that himself. :P
-- He rather does like the name 'Ri'. But he won't let everyone call him that.
-- Namine~ ♥
-- Roxas is fun to be around, and Repliku is rather comfortable and non-wary around him; now he's just trying to figure out why someone like Roxas would like Axel.
-- And, apparently, when Repliku and Roxas are around each other, they turn into fabulous philosophical emotards. But their emo sorta cancels each other out, so they're just left being fabulous philosophical retards instead.
-- He absolutely loathes Marluxia. He doesn't have complete memories of what exactly Marluxia did to abuse him, but he knows Marluxia did it. He gets flashes sometimes, but would really rather not. Marluxia reappearing has interrupted Repliku's chance at a 'new' life.
-- Unfortunately, Marluxia can play Repliku very well. But Repliku has changed enough to surprise someone who only remembers him from Castle Oblivion.
-- Repliku adores Sora. Especially since Sora is seeing him as his own person (as 'Ri') rather than as 'Riku's replica'. The fact that Sora would confirm his individuality makes it more 'real' to Repliku.
-- Sora is #2 on Repliku's list of people he likes. Namine is, of course, #1. But Sora's not at that point where Repliku would blindly follow orders from him (yet). This is mostly because Repliku remembers fighting Sora and antagonizing him.
-- Somehow, Repliku has become most open and truthful when alone with Sora. He considers Sora 'safe' enough to ask him questions and show his fears or worries, and trusts Sora's opinions. On the flip side, Repliku stays somewhat guarded with Riku, and would be more open with Namine if he wasn't so hellbent on being her brave and strong protector.
-- He detests his weaknesses (real or perceived). Especially when someone uses them against him. Unless you're Namine or Sora. Or Riku, but Repliku will bitch at Riku over it.
-- Namine and whipped cream is the best dessert ever.
-- One of the things Repliku never ever wants anyone to know is how much Marluxia (and Larxene) used and abused him (sexually), but will instead lead people to believe he was just beaten and experimented on. He's ashamed of it; of being so weak. He will never ever tell anyone what happened to him either, unless there's some extreme need for it. He wants to tell someone, but can't bring himself to do it. He doesn't trust anyone that much.
--> Addendum: Repliku got angry and accidentally blurted this out to Riku. However, he didn't (and wouldn't) go into detail. He is probably going to act like it didn't happen, because he's paranoid like that.
--> Addendum: He's told Sora that he was raped in the past, but not who did it. And he won't tell Sora who because he knows Sora is friends with Marluxia.
--> Errata: He assumes that Namine already knows what he's been through (since she's Broken his Memories and Heart so many times). He also assumes that Axel knows at least the generalities, since he was 'friendly' with Larxene and Larxene is a sadist and wasn't particularly quiet about what she did.
-- Repliku moodswings in very violent and quick ways, since he's not really used to having emotions and expressing them properly. He is also very very good at blocking out trauma and badtouchy things. He will usually do everything he can to swing an uncomfortable situation back to 'normal', because it's easier for him to keep things light and shallow than digging in deep.
-- He can't stand vines. Thanks, Marluxia. :Db
-- "Please smile for me" is his equivalent of "I love you" or "please love me" or "I will suffer in writhing agony forever and not complain just so you are happy."
-- Repliku's Heart is weaker than he thinks, and stronger too, but not knowing the particulars of how he 'works' is probably going to get him in trouble one day.
-- He is, surprisingly enough, a "breasts guy" even though Namine isn't exactly well-endowed. He will go straight for the boobs in foreplay and just loves touching and playing with them. With guys, he goes for the cock.
-- Namine is his goddess, and Sora is his god. They were there for his creation and both of them strongly affect both his past, present and future. Repliku has no problems with worshipping multiple deities.
-- Now that Repliku has been semi-adopted by Riku's mom, his 'home' is with Riku. However, he also spends a lot of time (and nights) with Namine, and takes great joy and pleasure in using his Christmas Present Key and coming in through the door.
-- He gets violently jealous. He does his best to hide it now though, especially if he thinks he'll receive a negative reaction because of it. He's very good at internalizing everything into emotardness.
-- He really doesn't know what the big deal is just talking about sex. It's not like he was banging Namine in front of Riku's mom or anything. >_>;;
-- He really likes kids. The little ones that are cute and play. They remind him of his memories of himself, Sora, Namine and Kairi when they were children. Even if the memories aren't real.
-- Repliku enjoys being hurt, since he has a slight masochistic streak. He does, however, vaguely know that this is wrong and he shouldn't enjoy it. Being hurt mostly connects to his need and desire to be possessed and owned, and the pain reminds him that he is living and real.
-- One of Repliku's frequent nightmares is that he is injured somehow and doesn't bleed red blood, but black shadows the way heartless do. One of his favorite dreams is the one where everyone precious to him is smiling at him, and they're all warm and curled up together like puppies.
-- He lies. Almost constantly. If he thinks there is something someone important to him would rather hear than the truth, Repliku can lie straight to their face and believe that lie. He will lie to avoid uncomfortable subjects. He will lie to not give truthful answers to questions. He lies by ommission (just not answering or saying something) even more than actively lying. He will 'lie' by deliberately manipulating a conversation or changing the subject. He doesn't care. He lies to keep everything happy and stable, and he doesn't want to burden others with his own hangups.
-- He really doesn't like his squeaky shoes. Or the tie for his school uniform.
-- Kairi scares him; or at least, she makes him feel uncomfortable in a strange way. He can be perfectly polite and friendly to her though.
-- Repliku literally cannot say the phrase "I love you" in regards to himself. Not even to lie or put up an act. He can try, but everything just shuts down, and he has to grasp for something else to say instead.
-- Once you betray him, he will never forgive you. He's been hurt too much by those he trusted (Marluxia, Vexen) to allow himself to be that weak again. He also holds a grudge.
-- He still believes that everything would be better and everyone would be happier if he had stayed dead. He's only an extra replica afterall; an abomination that shouldn't exist and has no purpose.
-- When Repliku absorbs Darkness (eats Heartless), he incorporates their power into his own, which provides a boost/rush effect. However, too much at once makes him scattered and somewhat bloodthirsty and anxious. He needs to drain off the excess (usually through fighting) because draining Darkness is meant to be a crippling move used in battle.
--> Absorbing Maleficent's tainted Dark from Riku's Heart gave him one of the biggest rushes in his life. Unfortunately, it had the side effect of poisoning him, because that tainted Darkness refused to mix completely with his own power. Hence, having to vomit it up periodically to expell it from his system. He'll likely feel the aftereffects for a long time, since that was a LOT of tainted Dark and he practically gorged on Heartless and everything was all mixed up.
-- It scares him that he's come to care so much for everyone in his 'family'. Because now he constantly worries about their health and well-being over his own. He knows that he would sacrifice anything to keep them happy. There is no price too high.
-- Repliku believes everything that Sora says when they have their serious conversations.
--> This does not stop him from disagreeing, or from deciding that Sora's happiness far outweighs his own.
-- Having to restrain himself from being affectionate with those 'precious' to him is almost physically painful to him.
--> He is still a masochist.
-- While he does emo and brood (excessively), he doesn't feel sorry for himself. His brooding sessions usually consist of him telling himself that he isn't worth such grand and wonderful things like Real People, that what he has now is better than what he had before, and that he should be grateful for just being noticed and treated as if he mattered.
--> When things are 'taken away' from him, he usually tells himself that he (should've) expected it, that at least he had it for a little bit, that he is ultimately unworthy of it, and that he must have done something wrong or Not Real, and thus it is a punishment. And he always deserves punishment for defiance and for not being perfect and Real.
--> He's almost pragmatic and realistic about having things (people) ripped away from him (discounting when he totally falls apart from the loss). His existance itself is better now, no matter what the circumstances, because at least he's not being raped and beaten and experimented on on a regular basis.
-- Repliku likes feeling Real.
--> He hates that he felt the most Real and whole and loved when he had Riku's Memories, and now that they're gone he can't reach that place anymore.
--> He wishes that he could kill Riku for having so much that he wants, but knows that would make him sad, too. He gnaws on his own opposing feelings.
-- Repliku internalizes alot of his own feelings and problems, so he doesn't bother anyone else with his hangups. His stress usually manifests itself as a tight feeling in his gut, and is enough to make him throw up if he's particularly troubled.
-- He is, ultimately, very selfish and concerned with his own well-being. Making his'family' happy does make him happy, so he doesn't worry about that. What he doesn't understand is why, sometimes, he tries so hard to make others happy and succeeds, but he doesn't feel happy, too.
--> His selfishness is balanced by the fact that he sometimes feels like he deserves very little but scraps of attention in the first place. The tiniest thing will make him happy.
-- Repliku likes working with his hands and building things.
-- Repliku sometimes wishes there were others like him, who understood him. He feels very alone much of the time.
--> And then he thinks he's a terrible person for wishing something like that, because being a replica is kinda horrible and he wouldn't want another being to suffer the same way he does.
-- He thinks of himself as 'it' rather than 'he' when he's very depressed and/or confused. He doesn't realize he's doing it either.
-- Repliku does jerk off, but not often. He much prefers being with another person sexually then just going at it alone. He can surpress his desires and wait.
-- He thinks in very simple terms, since he's still learning things. Things are usually black and white in his head, and though he knows things are more complicated than that, he thinks simple and direct is the best way to go about things.
--> He's a bad strategist, and his main strategy is usually some variation of "beat it until it doesn't get up anymore."
-- Repliku does not like to ask for things like help. Or comfort. It shows weakness.
--> When he does try to ask for these things, he's very awkward about it, or he tries to drop very vague hints.
--> When those 'hints' aren't picked up on and he doesn't get what he wants, he immediately tells himself that he's ultimately unworthy of anything nice, so it doesn't feel so much like being abandoned.
-- When fighting with 'normal' people (i.e.: not heartless, or weilding keyblades or powers, etc.), he holds back on his strength and skills. A lot. He knows that he can seriously hurt -- if not kill -- someone who isn't trained to fight.
--> He has the strength, at the very least, to lift someone taller and heavier than him completely off their feet with one hand. And dangle them in the air. And drain them of Darkness. Hi Zexion.
--> Getting beat up by jocks (even if he was outnumbered) is a massive blow to his manly pride. ;__; But killing them would be worse.
-- daddy!Ri is generally a stable, happy, and loving person. Kind of overprotective, and prone to bouts of jealousy for stupid reasons, but he's mostly okay!

More to be added as things change~
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I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that."
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Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
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This is the result if Seme-in-Training! has the highest score.

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Beware the pictures under the cut! All worksafe this time though.

Ri says he is NOT a bunny )
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Riku, you're so gay for the King. Just admit that he's your other other boyfriend already.
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Been meaning to do a post like this for awhile, but I've been lazy. This is a list of things I assume Ri does every day or on a regular basis, even if it's not played out. >_>;; He can't emo all the time. Of course, these are assumptions, so if anyone wants to say, "No, I don't think so because...", feel free to tell me so we can work it out! :3

-- Ri doesn't sleep alot (at night), so he's usually running about doing something. He sleeps deepest in the afternoon when he naps before dinner.
-- He and Kairi have some class together early in the morning, and this is when Kairi usually pounces him and cons him into letting her play with his ponytail. This is usually when she puts a ribbon in.
-- On schooldays, he's usually followed by his pack of fangirls (which kinda annoys him) but he always escapes them to have lunch with Sora, Riku and Kairi (and Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie).
-- He usually brings lunch for him and Riku, since Riku forgets and usually has to carry his blitzball gear or something.
-- Almost every day after school (unless he's being emotarded and/or psychotic), Ri goes to the 'Trio's House' (Roxas/Axel/Demyx's place) so that he can visit Namine and do some of his homework there. Or, you know, watch her obsessively while she does artsy things.
-- Ri has dinner at Riku's house, and is usually the one to do the washing up afterwards. Once a week, he does his and Riku's laundry. He usually kicks Riku to make the bed or clean the bathroom (then does it himself because Riku is lazy).
-- Once a week (if he can and if he has munny), he orders something from Kentucky Fried Nomura or Burger Czar. Ri loves cheap fast food. If anyone else is with him, he'll pay for them, or go dutch.
-- He trains and/or exercises nearly everyday, wherever he can fit it in. This includes either practicing his swordplay, jogging on the beach, or punching things (he has a punching bag now ok Sora? :D).
-- At least 3 nights out of the week, he sleeps with Namine. This may or may not include sex, but he told her he'd make her home his second home, so he tries his best!
-- At least 1 night out of the week, Ri doesn't sleep at all (because of dreams/nightmares) and just sits up on the roof and watches the stars. Or he wanders around.
-- Half the time, when Ri takes his nightly walks before 'bedtime', he ends up crawling in through Sora's window (if the light is on) just to say 'hello' or be a dork.
-- Ri 'corrects' Riku's homework for him. And he'd do the same for Sora, except his handwriting and Sora's are too different and he can't quite forge Sora's loopy script yet.
-- Ri always has candy or some sort of snack in his pockets. He steals it from Riku, but will share with others (sometimes).
-- When he's at the Trio's House, he gets distracted by the ferrets (Arden and Kegan), so if he's not in Namine's rooms, he can be found rolling on the floor with the boys.
-- Everyday he usually checks in with his shadows to make sure everything going alright in Castle Oblivion and Marluxia isn't being stupid or dead or something.
-- Ri showers everyday. Sometimes more than once (not including a quick shower after gym class). He likes being clean.
-- Ri often runs errands for Riku's mom, like picking up certain groceries for dinner or the drycleaning or something. He doesn't mind it.
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Floor Thirteen of Castle Oblivion. I got all teary. T___T It was brutal.

>_>;; Sora might want to avoid this one.
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Video from Re: CoM, the part where 'Ri' was born (at least to me).

After being broken, and gathering himself together again to fight at Sora's side against Marluxia. I'll change the link once a better, subtitled version comes out.

And of course...

"Ore wa... Namine o mamoru da!"


Ha! And here is the better, subbed version.
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*Ri's brain has died and he is now in a very happy mental place for the day*

possibly NSFW )
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The Part of You That No One Sees

You are passionate, romantic, and emotional.
You put love first in your life, even though you have often been disappointed by it.
You expect to be swept of your feet, and you never expect infatuation to die out.

Underneath it all, you are scared that you aren't lovable.
Your insecurity has ruined many relationships, as you are unable to see the love that's really there.
You are secretly afraid of being alone. Confronting your insecurities is incredibly painful.
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Sora's room is pretty cool. Even if he owns a pink Hello Kitty shirt. ♥

Yes, this is my current wallpaper. It makes me Repliku feel like a stalker.


watch windup_boytoy fight


Riku vs. Repliku Fight from CoM.

Lots of manly grunting. Whee.
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This is just to remind me to write up an OOC post about Repliku and Sex. Because it's important, yo.

To be discussed:

-- how Repliku would like nothing more than to bone Namine 24/7
-- how getting physical with his Real Thing doesn't stop him from thinking about putting Soul Eater through Riku's gut
-- what exactly the Nobodies taught him, i.e.: Vexen, Larxene, and Marluxia. With some Axel.
-- favorite sexual positions Hahaha... I kid. >_>;;
-- Repliku's views on sex, love, devotion/commitment, and responsibility; i.e.: he can fuck someone, love someone, and marry someone, but they don't have to be the same person
-- procreation! Namely, he can't... or can he?

When it comes to Repliku and sex, the short answer is: Namine tops him hardcore. ♥

The long answer is, unfortunately, very long and confusing. But still leads to Namine topping him hardcore. ♥

cut for length )
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