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Been meaning to do a post like this for awhile, but I've been lazy. This is a list of things I assume Ri does every day or on a regular basis, even if it's not played out. >_>;; He can't emo all the time. Of course, these are assumptions, so if anyone wants to say, "No, I don't think so because...", feel free to tell me so we can work it out! :3

-- Ri doesn't sleep alot (at night), so he's usually running about doing something. He sleeps deepest in the afternoon when he naps before dinner.
-- He and Kairi have some class together early in the morning, and this is when Kairi usually pounces him and cons him into letting her play with his ponytail. This is usually when she puts a ribbon in.
-- On schooldays, he's usually followed by his pack of fangirls (which kinda annoys him) but he always escapes them to have lunch with Sora, Riku and Kairi (and Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie).
-- He usually brings lunch for him and Riku, since Riku forgets and usually has to carry his blitzball gear or something.
-- Almost every day after school (unless he's being emotarded and/or psychotic), Ri goes to the 'Trio's House' (Roxas/Axel/Demyx's place) so that he can visit Namine and do some of his homework there. Or, you know, watch her obsessively while she does artsy things.
-- Ri has dinner at Riku's house, and is usually the one to do the washing up afterwards. Once a week, he does his and Riku's laundry. He usually kicks Riku to make the bed or clean the bathroom (then does it himself because Riku is lazy).
-- Once a week (if he can and if he has munny), he orders something from Kentucky Fried Nomura or Burger Czar. Ri loves cheap fast food. If anyone else is with him, he'll pay for them, or go dutch.
-- He trains and/or exercises nearly everyday, wherever he can fit it in. This includes either practicing his swordplay, jogging on the beach, or punching things (he has a punching bag now ok Sora? :D).
-- At least 3 nights out of the week, he sleeps with Namine. This may or may not include sex, but he told her he'd make her home his second home, so he tries his best!
-- At least 1 night out of the week, Ri doesn't sleep at all (because of dreams/nightmares) and just sits up on the roof and watches the stars. Or he wanders around.
-- Half the time, when Ri takes his nightly walks before 'bedtime', he ends up crawling in through Sora's window (if the light is on) just to say 'hello' or be a dork.
-- Ri 'corrects' Riku's homework for him. And he'd do the same for Sora, except his handwriting and Sora's are too different and he can't quite forge Sora's loopy script yet.
-- Ri always has candy or some sort of snack in his pockets. He steals it from Riku, but will share with others (sometimes).
-- When he's at the Trio's House, he gets distracted by the ferrets (Arden and Kegan), so if he's not in Namine's rooms, he can be found rolling on the floor with the boys.
-- Everyday he usually checks in with his shadows to make sure everything going alright in Castle Oblivion and Marluxia isn't being stupid or dead or something.
-- Ri showers everyday. Sometimes more than once (not including a quick shower after gym class). He likes being clean.
-- Ri often runs errands for Riku's mom, like picking up certain groceries for dinner or the drycleaning or something. He doesn't mind it.
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