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windup_boytoy: (My Real Thing Is Stupid, Snark snark snarkity snark) (Default)
  • My Real Thing Is Stupid,
  • Snark snark snarkity snark
windup_boytoy: (Sora put me on the couch again, Why does this happen to me?, I Have A Headache, Surrounded by dorks)
  • I Have A Headache,
  • Sora put me on the couch again,
  • Surrounded by dorks,
  • Why does this happen to me?
Comment: made by [livejournal.com profile] rommipullo
windup_boytoy: (Listening, Hanging Out, So much hotter than you, Imagining You Nekkid)
  • Hanging Out,
  • Imagining You Nekkid,
  • Listening,
  • So much hotter than you
Comment: made by [livejournal.com profile] yuffie_kisaragi
windup_boytoy: (Sexier than my Real Thing)
  • Sexier than my Real Thing
Comment: made for me by [livejournal.com profile] moffit
windup_boytoy: (Namine Loves Me, This is How it Ends)
  • Namine Loves Me,
  • This is How it Ends
Comment: Made by at_the_hollow
windup_boytoy: (Those Aren't My Eyes, Girl Again, Tits!)
  • Girl Again,
  • Those Aren't My Eyes,
  • Tits!
Comment: Made by Moff
windup_boytoy: (Who's Naked Now?, Vaguely Horrified, WTF Is This?!, That Was Unexpected)
  • That Was Unexpected,
  • Vaguely Horrified,
  • Who's Naked Now?,
  • WTF Is This?!
windup_boytoy: (Let Me Point Out How Dumb You Are, Who's Gay?, Better Recognize, Cocky S.O.B.)
  • Better Recognize,
  • Cocky S.O.B.,
  • Let Me Point Out How Dumb You Are,
  • Who's Gay?
Comment: Made by megaflamehedge
windup_boytoy: (This Is Getting Annoying, Snark!, Your Stupidity is Amazing, Hitting My Bullshit Limit)
  • Hitting My Bullshit Limit,
  • Snark!,
  • This Is Getting Annoying,
  • Your Stupidity is Amazing
windup_boytoy: (It's In The Cards, Cockblock)
  • Cockblock,
  • It's In The Cards
windup_boytoy: (Always Prepared!, Hi-Potion)
  • Always Prepared!,
  • Hi-Potion
Comment: Made by sharkcowsheep
windup_boytoy: (Ready to Pounce, Attack Attack Attack, Getting My Balance)
  • Attack Attack Attack,
  • Getting My Balance,
  • Ready to Pounce
Comment: Made by 5staricons
windup_boytoy: (Smile Through the Pain, This is Fun, Getting Interesting, Still Gonna Snark, Smirkity Smirk)
  • Getting Interesting,
  • Smile Through the Pain,
  • Smirkity Smirk,
  • Still Gonna Snark,
  • This is Fun
Comment: Made by terrenskies
windup_boytoy: (Happy!, Love the Hair, Let the Good Times Roll)
  • Happy!,
  • Let the Good Times Roll,
  • Love the Hair
Comment: Made by rommipullo
windup_boytoy: (Something Out There, Moment of Calm, Blank, So Tall)
  • Blank,
  • Moment of Calm,
  • So Tall,
  • Something Out There
Comment: Made by yuffie_kisaragi