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So, uh. Is anyone gonna get angry at me for taking Kairi out on a date? It's for her protection!
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3 Doors Down -- 'When I'm Gone'

There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Or maybe I'm just blind...

Or maybe I'm just blind...

So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
Hold me when I'm scared
And love me when I'm gone
Everything I am
And everything in me
Wants to be the one
You wanted me to be
I'll never let you down
Even if I could
I'd give up everything
If only for your good
So hold me when I'm here
Right me when I'm wrong
You can hold me when I'm scared
You won't always be there
So love me when I'm gone

Love me when I'm gone...

When your education X-Ray
Cannot see under my skin
I won't tell you a damn thing
That I could not tell my friends
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive but I'm alone
Part of me is fighting this
But part of me is gone


Or maybe I'm just blind...


Love me when I'm gone...

Love me when I'm gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
When I'm Gone
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It's like I'm a big slut or something! Maybe I did it wrong.

Your LJ Slut Stats!
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seen shirtless

seen naked

had net sex

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had oral sex


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The Recipe For Ri

3 parts Flair

2 parts Charisma

1 part Tease

Splash of Impishness

Finish off with whipped cream

The Recipe For windup_boytoy

3 parts Warmth

2 parts Sweetness

1 part Enchantment

Splash of Happiness


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*a certain replica is leaning against the outside wall of the coffee shop, books under his arm, and waiting for people to show up for the study/bitching session*

*he's kinda sleepy~ and wondering what he should order~*
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What The Hell Happened Last Night?
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What did you drink?
You wake up in the morning next to: yksxsseldne
...who is wearing: the scars of a severe whipping
...and rolls over to you to say: You disgusting little subby bitch...
...and then: gets up and puts the kettle on
This fun quiz by joneccleston - Taken 1012 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

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*is currently taking up valuable property space on Riku's bed; do mind the comics*
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*a certain replica would not be adverse to hugs... maybe even cuddles*
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And during college, Ri did a little modeling, just to pay for his books and tuition...

cut for pictures )

... it paid pretty well.

[OOC: pictures shamelessly ganked from]
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This is what Riku (and probably Ri) sound like when they're smexxing.


Now I want to know what part of the game that's from, too.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I gave [ profile] yksxsseldne a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In October I helped [ profile] boy_of_twilight hide a body (-173 points). Last Wednesday I helped [ profile] fairskies_ahead see the light (8 points). Last Sunday I bought porn for [ profile] rocks_ass (10 points). Last Saturday I broke [ profile] rosa_moschata's X-Box (-12 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-117 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:


I wasn't really surprised actually. Santa will probably never put me on the Nice List.
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*observe: one (1) Replica, doing a whole lot of nothing that may or may not involve eating junk food and catching up on reading comic books; obviously this means someone should bother him*

[OOC: open FOREVAH. If you wanna play with Ri, just hop on in.]
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windup_boytoy's LJ stalker is fairskies_ahead!
fairskies_ahead is stalking you because they heard you are awesome in bed, and they want to find out. They are also getting jiggy with your best friend!

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*this is a happy post because a certain replica has looked at the calendar and just realized something*

... one year, huh? Does this mean it's my birthday?
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*and is curiously sitting up on the metal examination table and not unconscious*

So this is normal? This is Real? I don't think I feel different from before...

*wiggles and stretches his fingers and arm, poking at the bandaid on his inner arm where Vexen drew a blood sample*
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*standing in front of the bathroom mirror and stripped to the waist; there's long silver hair all over the sink and bathroom floor, because he hacked off his hair above the shoulders with a knife -- a knife that's laying in the sink itself and the blade covered in red*

*someone accidentally cut himself while hacking at his hair, and is staring at his fingers*

*he's bleeding, and it's real blood*
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... where am I?
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*a certain replica wakes up, and realizes he's flat on his back, laying in a comfywarm bed and staring up at a blank white ceiling*

*he is not certain what he should be thinking right now, except that he feels tired*
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*there is a not!bloody and unconscious replica laid out on an examination table in Vexen's lab; thankfully, this procedure wasn't as messy as the last one, and Vexen is making last minute notes and cleaning his tools up while he waits for the other replica to appear and cart the unconscious one away*

*the replica will just... lay here quietly*
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*after talking with Marluxia, a certain replica feels somewhat better and is sure he has someone to help cover up where he is; he heads down through the Castle for the Basements levels and Vexen's lab*

... right back where I started, huh. I guess I am kinda pathetic.