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Name: Riku Replica -- going by the adopted name of 'Ri Mori'

Age: Eighteen (18)

Location: Destiny Islands

Timeline Information:

Roughly a year after the Replica's death during Chain of Memories, and after the events in Kingdom Hearts II, the Replica 'awoke' in the basement of Castle Oblivion. Apparently Riku's last words to the Replica were more of a premonition, leading to the Replica's resurrection. After a few months of traveling the worlds through the Corridors of Darkness, and giving Riku a bad reputation in them as a thief, the Replica found himself on Destiny Islands, being driven there to confront Riku once again.


Ri has no real family, since he is just a failed Replica made by Vexen in Castle Oblivion. However, on Destiny Islands, he's posing as Riku's cousin from a different island. He was surprised to be taken in by Riku's parents somewhat easily. Riku's father is an accountant, and rather prejudiced and set in his ways. Riku's mother is a businesswoman, and more open, but will not take a stand against her husband on certain personal matters.


Riku Mori: Who the Replica was supposed to be. Ri and Riku are physically and genetically identical, making them almost like twins. However, Ri's personality is more aggressive and abrasive when compared to Riku's. Ri is always struggling to prove himself better than Riku at everything. After first arriving on the Islands, Ri repeatedly tried to kill Riku, and was repeatedly beaten by the now-proper keyblader wielder. Only intervention from Namine and Kairi has stopped Ri from being homicidal towards Riku. Now Ri believes that beating Riku at life will prove he's the best. Stragely enough, he will be the first to defend Riku from attacks from others. Riku is his to beat, and Ri won't let anyone else do it first. He was rather surprised when Riku broke up with Sora, because Ri has Riku's Memories and knows where his emotions truly lie. Plus, everyone knows Riku is gay for the King.

Kairi: Ri has a soft spot for the Princess of Heart, because of her connection to Namine. He treats her very kindly and politely, but doesn't hesitate to snark about Riku and point out his flaws since Kairi and Riku are dating. He lets her play with his long hair, since Riku cut his short.

Namine: Ri's girlfriend. Ri is extremely devoted to Namine and her protection, to the point of being obsessive. The Memories she re-wrote over his Heart are very strong, and even though he knows the Memories are Fake, he doesn't much care. He's made a promise and intends to keep it this time around. Ri has vague notions that something isn't quite right in their relationship, but he has no real point of reference to compare. As long as Namine wants him by her side, he is glad to do anything and everything she wants.

Sora Hikari: Ri happens to have a soft spot for Sora, stemming from their interactions in Castle Oblivion. Sora was the first person to really look at Ri as his own person and not just a Replica. For that, Ri is grateful. He respects Sora's strength and fighting ability, and is indebted to him for protecting Namine after he died. He's confused and surprised about Riku's breakup with Sora, because he knows Riku actually does love Sora.


Ri is physically identical to Riku, so currently stands at 5'11", and is solidly built with well-muscled arms from swordfighting and his part-time job doing construction work. His eyes are slightly more on the side of acid green than Riku's sea green. Ri also keeps his hair long, just below his shoulders, and normally tied in a ponytail thanks to Kairi. He still favors the same clothing style as Riku, loving the colors yellow and blue, and very rarely wearing sleeves.


Ri is, indeed, a Replica of Riku and continues to remain one. He embraces his Darkness and wields it quite effectively. A blitz-fighter, he prefers to attack first and ask questions later. But while Ri is physically identical to Riku, his Heart is still Fake. He often has troubles with emotions and general interactions because of this. He only has Riku's Memories and experiences to make judgments on what to say or do.
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